Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SHOW ME ...sunshine!!!!!!


Why is it ALWAYS such AMAZING weather when it comes to exams . I think mother nature does it on purpose cus as soon as ANYONE has big exams the weather is always freaking awesome and its like 20 times hard to study .Any who 8 days left to my exams and to say I am freaking out is an understatement . I really really want to get into sligo IT, its my dream college. I will be praying like crazy for the next three months till i get in. okay so this is my last post till my exams are over, good luck everyone(hopefully chemistry isn't too hard)!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

SHOW ME … your support system!!!!!

Anyone else freaking SICK of studying. Lets just say I can’t wait till these exams are over and when I’m feeling sick of studying and need a bit of a BUST(or a kick in the a$$) these ladies are the ones to do it !!!!!!!!! Susie,Stacy,Keren, Mags , and Naomi . are my SUPPORT SYSTEM, they are my ladies that I go to for help, for advise or when I’m feeling sad. I think its very important to have SOMEONE who you can just talk with and laugh with and you know no matter what they are NOT going to judge you. I love these ladies and i KNOW they love me.

SHOW ME... the leaving cert … I cant wait till you leave


AHHHH this is my first EVER POST on my blog. I was meant to start my blog AFTER my leaving cert( which are big exams that determine your WHOLE LIFE) but i couldnt wait i was super excited to start !!!!!!! currently listening to some Tyler Hilton and freaking out about my leaving cert oh and blogging . GOOD luck to everyone that is doing exams in the next couple of weeks, think of it this way in a couples of weeks we will be finish and we will be able to enjoy the nice summer weather (unless you live in Ireland then you can just enjoy ….rain)