Monday, June 3, 2013


This month I got to interview another one of my favourite bloggers THE PINK THREAD. I have been following Lana Cruz's blog for years now and when I asked her to anwser a couple of question for my blog she was MORE than happy to do it (not only is she an AMAZING dresser, super beautiful and has a SUPER cute husband but she is also sweet and nice)

Here is how our interview went.

Lana:Sorry for the delayed response!! Thank you so much for your interest in my blog and style. It is always so encouraging to hear that I can be an inspiration to people!!

 1. What your favourite fashion trend this spring

1. My favorite fashion trends for this spring/summer are a lot of basics, simple silhouette's and monochromatic's! On my shopping list is, white skinnies, nude heels, simple stripe sweater, black cami, black maxi dress, white embroidered tops, white blazer, etc. Another trend that I am loving for this season is overalls. I recently picked up a pair of short overalls, but I am also on the look out for a long pant overall as well.

2. how would you describe your style

2.I would describe my style as simple/classic. I feel my best when I have a simple, no fuss outfit on. whether that is dressed up or down, that is when I feel most stylish. Only when I am in the right mood will I adventure out for something eclectic, when I know that I can accurately display a fashion trend with the right items. Otherwise I stay simple, because I know that it will always work.


3. Do you have any bad habits when it comes to fashion ( like being over matchy)

3. I think my bad habit when it comes to fashion is that I "try" too hard sometimes. I need to trust my own sense of style and mood. It's when I try to be something that I'm not, that I always end up feeling uncomfortable. So if I'm feeling simple I need to keep it simple, if I'm feeling adventurous and bold then I need to try something adventurous and bold. I need to pay attention to my moods.

4. what country best suits your style

4. I think the best country that suits me is Europe! I have been to Croatia and the whole time that I was there I was staring at the women passing by me on the street. They know how to wear something simple (there I am again) but make it look as if it is the most glamourous thing you have ever seen. It's also about quality for them, they have simple, few pieces, but they are high quality which makes them look so put together.

5 . and do you think style in europe has improved

5. I haven't been to Europe since 2009 so I'm not sure if I can accurately answer that. But one thing that I can say is that some of my favorite fashion blogs are from Europe and the similar thread that I find between all of them is that simple, classic style that is so fashion forward in my opinion. So I think that Europe is doing amazing things when it comes to fashion.

6. who is your celeb girl crush

6. My celebrity crush is probably Gweneth Paltrow. She is so classy and her style is so easy. I love her cool laid back look and also her stunning statuesque red carpet style. She plays things simple and elegant, which I love!!
Thank you so much lana . Make sure to check out The Pink Thread.