Saturday, May 4, 2013


shoes new look | leggings vero moda | top river Island |blazer bongo

FIRST OF ALL let me just start off by saying YEEEEEEEEEEEY ITS SUMMER. Thank flipping Moses . The sun has finally decided to show itself in my sunless country Ireland. I have been rocking skirts and shorts (without tights might I add) and tank tops.There is something about the sun that makes people happy (and colleges more empty lol).

Anyway I'm loving this outfit cus its just so freaking cool . I wore it to college and it was comfy and yet still so stylish. This blazer is defiantly going to be used ALOT this summer cus I can throw it over most of my clothes (seeing that most of my clothes are black). Nothing else to say about this outfit . So leave a comment and tell me what you think .MWAHHH !!