Thursday, February 14, 2013

HAPPY VALENTINES EVERYONE . I HATE valentines with a passion I probably shouldn't start my post with this statement but i really do BUT this year I actually made an effort to make it 'special ' . I'm currently single ( and happy ) so my single ladies and I decided to make it special by dressing up and making a candle-lit dinner together. (Actually they cooked and I blogged )
I decided to commit to this whole ' loving valentines day ' and wear  my 'if  I could rearrange the alphabet I would put you and I TOGETHER ' CHEESE RIGHT LOL . I dont like pink so if i ever wear it I HAVE to wear it with tones of black as you can see .

Seriously even though i HATE valentines day I do believe LOVE in general is very important and everyone deserve love in their life. 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Okay I cant get ENOUGH of  the burgundy colour , it has quickly become one of my favorite colours. I wonder if it will still be trendy in the spring and summer i seriously hope so cus for me the burgundy colour  is not going anywhere for a really long time . 

Once again the weather in Ireland is a complete disgrace and what is supposed to be Spring feels more like Antarctica winter . I'm actually so sick of this weather its putting everyone in a downer and I swear if i go into college with frizzy hair  from the rain ONE MORE TIME I'm going to cut a bitch lol AND TO make matters worst its valentines day tomorrow wohooo but I'm determine to make this Valentines special so you should too.

Friday, February 1, 2013


Like i said Ireland is a place that rains ALL the time. It's tempting to wear fifty layers of clothes and hibernate in bed all the time BUT college is back in session and that means no more PJ days and its time to go back to
conquering all that Winter  trends that we are loving so much.
One of my favorite Winter trends I am loving is the whole  burgundy, dark purple trend . Its so versatile and it looks PERFECT with everything I'm currently rocking burgundy trousers, lipsticks,shoes, tights and tops its addictive trend and its here to stay . I added the leopard print belt as a way to funk it up a little bit but apart from that this a simple look perfect for the day.