Thursday, December 26, 2013



I hope all of you guys had a lovely Christmas ,cus I know I did. I'm so freaking SICK of turkey and its only boxing day AND if I see another selection box or box of biscuits I think I'm going to go crazy BUT all in all I'm just extremely grateful that I spent time with my family and friends and that all my people are healthy, safe and happy.

This outfit was so 'last minute put together ' . Lace and sparkle what a beautiful combination . This skirt and I were lovers at first sight, and when I wore it I felt like a beautiful disco ball BUT OMG I regretted it the sparkles got EVERYWHERE like seriously everywhere (even body places it shouldn't have been lol). A trick for all you girls (or boys ) who have sequins or sparkles on clothes and it keeps falling off , spray the entire thing with hairspray and this will at as a glue to keep it all on . 

Anyway i hope you guys had a good day. and ate loads and got lots of lovely presents. Make my day everyone and follow my blog or simply leave a comment .


Sunday, December 1, 2013

neon blush

jumper:h&m , watch :micheal kors , jeans : new look ,shoes : new look
Today I found out Paul Walker died in a car crash . Its not like i knew him personally but his death really affected me, it gave me sort of the shake i needed to realize that life is way too short to be worrying about the little things and that I should make the most of every moment. So instead of spending the day mopping around I spent the day with my college family eating ice cream and drinking wine ( my two favorite things in the world ). 
I'm normally one of those girls who dress extremely dark when the weather is cold but today i decided to ditch my all black outfits and dress in some pretty bright colours ,cus bright colours is scientifically proven to brighten your mood (okay i dont know if its SCIENTIFICALLY proven ) but it sure made me happy . 
stay blessed everyone and have a good week and please make my day and follow my blog or simply just leave a comment