Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Too say I'm super excited about this post would be the BIGGEST UNDERSTATEMENT EVER . Last week I got the greatest opportunity to talk to one of the biggest bloggers around Sabby Hills. I have loved her tough yet feminine style for long time and when I got to ask her  a couple of questions of it she was more than happy to answer . follow her blog @superstylebaby .

1. What your favourite fashion trend this spring ?

 I have a couple of fave fashion trends this spring, I'll tell you my top 4! First is white tuxedo jacket...... I've my eye on a Sandro beauty but will prob buy a Pennys version! Second is the beading on Oscar De la Renta dresses was gorge! I'm not a huge fan of sequins at the best of times so I'm embracing this look. I've seen a fab pair of affordable heels from Zara! And my third trend this spring is Black and White......I loved Jason Wu's monochrome looks on the runway and I'll definitely be recreating his clean cut look this spring! Fourth and my fave is braiding....(I know you didn't mention hair but it's my passion and what I love blogging) its going to really take off this year and I'm going embracing it. I'm going to do a braid dare soon, watch out!!!

 2. how would you describe your stlye ?

 I'd describe my style as classic with an feminine edge but then I can go totally hippy with a bit of grunge thrown in. I find it hard to classify my style because you name....and I've got it in my wardrobe! I buy lots a classic pieces from Zara and topshop but I love adding my own twist with accessories.

3. Do you have any bad habits when it comes to fashion ( like being over matchy) ?
  My bad habit when it comes to fashion is being swayed by bargains....or so called bargains. Way too many things in my wardrobe that I haven't worn! 

4. what country best suits your style ?
 Definitely European either France (my love for Kooples know no end!) or Spain (I'm addicted to Zara and crave the sun!)

 5 . and do you think stlye in Ireland has improved  ? 
I definitely think it has improved. Between major young designers such as J W Anderson really making it big with collaborations with Topshop and fantastic stylists such as Angela Scanlon making it big in the UK (recently printed as the new big thing in Vogue!) we are definitely making our mark in the fashion world! I think nowadays young women know they're body shapes and styles and definitely veer towards dressing themselves for these reasons and not just because something is in fashion.

 6. who is your celeb girl crush ?
 This is something I've actually never thought of! Only because I change my style so often. I suppose my ultimate celeb girl crush would have to be Gwen Stefani. She's definitely a girl who can one day go for a rock chick look and the next can be ├╝ber glam....and always wear bright lipstick doing it!

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