Sunday, April 21, 2013


I have never been the type of girl who was afraid of standing out in the crowd . I wear luminous  colours  or bright red  lipstick, big necklaces or bright colours to a funereal (okay maybe not that bad BUT you get what i mean ) . To me all these stand out items are what are  called statement pieces so what are statement pieces you ask me?  Statement pieces are ANYTHING (from necklaces to shoes to bags to jewellery to even hair pieces ) that gives your outfit that extra glam  or makes your outfit stand out from the rest. Statement pieces have the ability to turn a boring outfit like jeans and a t shirt to instant glam with a statement like a cobalt blue blazer.

Today my favourite statement pieces is my pencil print skirt from HEATON , YES HEATONS. Heatons for  anyone who doesnt live in Ireland is one of those shops you don't go into cus its the  type of shop well mostly grannies go into . But one day on one of my crazy skip colleges adventures i randomly stepped into heatons ( I'm not going to lie it was mostly to get out of the rain BUT HEY God works in mysterious ways) and what was staring me in the face nothing but this beautiful skirt from the SALES rack at a whooper saving of ten euro. I love it so much i had to wear it TWICE in the space of two weeks. Reducing cost , reuse and RE-FABULOUS !!

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