Saturday, September 7, 2013


 So I haven't blogged in like a month, let me tell you why now. I felt like I needed to go and get inspiration and gather up my ideas so my blog would  be nothing but the best for my followers . I LOVE blogging and fashion so much and I want to be the best at it , so I have literally spent my summer studying and getting better and I hope it shows in all my future post.

Okay on to my outfit . You know those days, your day is so busy that you just want to wear sweats and a big jumper and get on with your day !! NO ! ME NEITHER !! Even on my busiest of days I like to look somewhat decent .Today I just wore my AWESOMELY COMFY Céline top with a maxi skirt and some New Look flats. I spent the day moving into my new apartment so heels were out of the question but later on the day when I was a little less busier I wore some strappy heels . This is a perfect examples of a simple stylish quick outfit . ENJOY !!


  1. Welcome back. Looking pretty in a simple t-shirt and maxi skirt. Great choice of outfit especially when you need to move stuff. Nice flats too.

    1. thank you !! I love the fashion stirfry what a cool name xoxo