Friday, August 3, 2012

SHOW ME ... those BEAUTIFUL nails !

I'm writing this literally seconds after writing a letter of complaint to Sally Hansen for their 'No chip top coat' which chipped within hours, it was so badly chipped WAY worst then if i hadn't put an anti chip coat on it !!!!!! Anyway I'm just going to have to accept the fact that all nail polish chip (yes even the expensive ones ). But even though nail polish doesn't last long doesn't mean  i don't have fun with them while they last. I have been loving this years tread of pastel colour. Another tread i have been loving is the crazy nail pattern and the 4/1 nails were four of your nails are painted  one colour and the one is painted another . its just beautiful !! I went to a very strict  catholic school were painting nails wasn't allowed so for ages i wasn't allowed to express myself through nail art ( if that makes sense) but now that I'm free from secondary school you better believe that I'm going to be going nail CRAZY for the rest of my life !!!!

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